Welcome to AvatarJo / ActorBank; to being part of our team and to this induction.  Whenever you start something new there is always a settling in time where you discover how things are done, how you are going to contribute and what makes it all work.  I hope that this induction will make all of that much easier. 

Induction Process

Complete each of the mini sessions within 2 weeks of joining us

Check off each session on your card on the Trello board checklist 

Email Jane Stubberfield to let her know you have completed all the mini sessions

Jane will arrange to have a chat with you about how you are going to apply what you have learned to your with AvatarJo / ActorBank

Explore the other resources in the Curiosity Shop

Follow up chat with Jane after 6 weeks

Why the chats and mentoring?

AvatarJo / ActorBank tel :  01736 791 751

Email : actorservices@actorbank.co.uk