Fellow Actor Support Request

You can ask a fellow actor to help you refresh your skills, check your technology or check your environment. 

Simply follow these steps...

1. Contact a fellow actor: we recommend using the TeamActorBank Facebook group to find out who is on the team and either leave them a private message or comment on the group (template message below).

2. When a fellow actor responds, use this link to book a session : 



3. If you are hosting the session you will receive an email detailing which GTT channel to login to. If you are playing the client, you will receive an email link to join the session.

4. After the session both actors must fill in this form

5. Watch yourself back within 24hours.

Facebook Message Template:


I would like to practice XXXXX with a fellow actor. 

I am available to do a session on any of the following dates and times:

xxxxxx at xx:xx

xxxxxx at xx:xx

xxxxxx at xx:xx

xxxxxx at xx:xx

Please comment if you are available and would like to help!


Thank you

AvatarJo / ActorBank tel :  01736 791 751

Email : actorservices@actorbank.co.uk