Getting Paid

We like to pay you as quickly and efficiently as possible.  You can help us by completing these forms as directed below.  We will automatically receive your claim so you do not need to email us. 

If you have any finance questions please email:

Use this form to claim travel or other expenses that are not related to working directly with clients.  


You can only claim these if this has been agreed in advance.

When will I be paid?

All invoices are paid, no later than, 1 month in arrears on the second wednesday of the month.

Month 1

Do the work

Month 2

Submit the invoice by the 1st wednesday *

Month 3

Get paid on the 2nd wednesday


I worked on 15th April


I submitted my invoice on 1st May


I get paid on the 2nd wednesday of June

* Please submit within 48 hours of work if claiming travel or other expenses.

Why do we pay like this? We need enough time to invoice the client and receive payment. If we paid on the immediate month, in some instances we would have just 8 days to invoice the client and for them to pay us. We appreciate that sometimes this means that if you work early in the month you will have a longer wait.