Session Support & Tech

Standard Session & Set Up Resources

Printable resources and guides to help you run sessions and set up clients

Environment & Equipment Guidelines

Get your lighting, framing and equipment up to scratch

Tech Support

and Call Quality


Tech problems solved and get back to work checks.

Master Starter Sessions

Become a master at setting up clients attending on any device or browser


yourself back

Call Quality and Practice Channel


Have you kept yourself updated with the changes in these resources?  Click here

Have you kept yourself updated with the changes in these resources?  Click here

​Standard Session & Set up Resources

Use these resources to jog your memory and to increase your confidence.

Simply put, all sessions require you to do the following things:


Prepare a well researched character

Be in your approved environment and technically confident

Pay exquisite attention to the client

Be the fantastic YOU

Guide to Intro's Outro's and Feedback

Use this to remind yourself of what makes a good intro and outro and how to give your client valuable feedback.

GTT set-up

guide : Standard

Use this to remind yourself how GTT works and which buttons to click!



If you have been asked to run a client tech-test use this guide beside troubleshooting advice on the FAQ's page

Printable Prompt Sheet and Checklist

Standard Session Prompt Sheet

Helpful prompts to glance at during your session

Pre session


Use this each time you conduct a session

Session Timing Guide

How to manage Technical Issues

NEWS FLASH: Client IPAD attendance is now possible!

Did you know that different devices and browsers affect GTT's format?

Click find out more for resources and practise!


Tech Support / Call Quality / Compliance

The vast majority of technical problems or requirements can be solved or met by using the FREE resources on this site or just doing your own 'Google' research.. However, should you need help to fix,something, improve something or become compliant with required standards, we have services that can help you. These services are delivered by IT experts or expert Actors.


Environment & Equipment Guidelines

Lighting Guidelines

Get tips on how to reduce shadows, look bright, uniform and professional.

Call Quality Checklist

If you can complete this checklist you are ready for a Call Quality Check.


Master Starter

Different devices and different browsers give the client different views of GTT. To help the client set up quickly you need to understand what the client can see. We now allow client attendance on mobile devices like iPad etc so all actors need to be 'mobile ready' and 'multi browser' confident.


Master Starter is quick, free, training for actors

to master setting up clients on all devices and browsers.

After the session you will receive feedback within 24 hours with a pass/fail notice once the session recording has been checked for quality. If you fail, you will get constructive advice that will hopefully remedy any issues and you can quickly book again.

Setting up the Client

on Different Devices and Browsers

30 Minutes £16.00

A training and practice service to ensure a glitch-free, stress-free start to all sessions no matter what device or browser the CLIENT attends on.

Request a range of devices and browser combinations to accumulate competency and confidence. 

You must always attend on your desktop device.

If the times on this calendar don't suit you, please contact Calum on 07538 365 424

Client Ipad Resources

Your client has already been given these two documents, but you may need them on hand incase the client calls for guidance.


environment and set-up advice


App download instructuctions

Actor Ipad Resources

Follow these instructions to get your client set-up once they join the call.

IPAD :  Setting up the client


Actor Tech Support £18.00

up to 1 hour

Get expert input to fixing your technical issues and optimising your device for via video work.

Actor - GTT

Tech Support £18.00

up to 1 hour

Get expert input to fixing your technical issues related to GTT and optimising your device for via video work.

Call Quality Check  £12,

up to 20 Minutes

Sorted your tech issues? Great, lets get you back to work. Make it super quick and be prepared - make sure you've read these FAQs

Remote Worker

Set Up

£18, up to 1 hour

All Actors are required to have a dedicated user profile on their device.

This service, helps you set this up and optimise your personal settings for a smooth workflow.

Home Life

Tech Support

£18 up to 1 hour.

Need help with yours or a family members technical issues? book up to 60 minutes of technical support


Why not get help from a fellow actor?

Book a fellow actor

Feeling a bit rusty? Your fellow actors can help. Simply follow our instructions to organise a "Book a fellow actor" session on GTT.

Watch yourself back

View your Call Quality Check and 'Book a fellow actor' sessions on this channel.


Emergency Contact Numbers

If you are in a crisis and have tried all you can to resolve it, please try calling the following numbers: 

Sarah : 07877 253 573

AvatarJo / ActorBank tel :  01736 791 751

AvatarJo / ActorBank tel :  01736 791 751

Email :