Tech Support & Guidance

Environment & Equipment Guidelines

Get your lighting, framing and equipment up to scratch

Tech Support

and Call Quality


Tech problems and how to handle them or seek help.

Environment & Equipment Guidelines

Lighting Guidelines

Get tips on how to reduce shadows, look bright, uniform and professional.

Call Quality Checklist

If you can complete this checklist you are ready for a Call Quality Check.


Tech Support / Call Quality / Compliance

All actors are responsible for being technically able, and delivering a glitch free service to clients.

The vast majority of technical problems or requirements can be solved or met by using the FREE resources on this site or just doing your own 'Google' research.. However, should you need assistance or advice please call 01736 791751 for support.

How to manage Technical Issues with a client.


Emergency Contact Numbers

If you are in a crisis and have tried all you can to resolve it, please try calling the following numbers: 

Sarah : 07877 253 573

AvatarJo / ActorBank tel :  01736 791 751